Guyer Group Service Offerings

Guyer Group offers a host of Content Creation, Marketing and Communications serviced that can be tailored to meet your strategic business needs. A sampling of these services includes:

  • Strategic Messaging and Positioning

    Ensuring that your company is clearly articulating a differentiated message and value proposition to the marketplace.

  • Customer Testimonial Programs

    Leveraging and cultivating the customer base to communicate the company’s value “in the words of the customer.”

  • Content Creation (Social Media, Articles, Abstracts)

    Helping your company join the conversation, or drive the industry agenda through the creation of well-written, compelling positions and points of view.

  • Analyst Relations

    Creating a strategic program designed to communicate regularly and effectively, enhance visibility, and drive revenue.

  • Executive Communications (Visibility, Preparation, Counsel)

    Providing the right opportunities for executives to share the company story, and providing the necessary preparation and counsel.

  • Communications Planning

    Creating an ongoing campaign by leveraging and creating opportunities for awareness and visibility.

  • Speaker Placement and Awards Programs

    Monitoring, tracking and submitting entries and abstracts for recognition and thought leadership opportunities.

  • Corporate Communications (including Internal Communications)

    Ensuring effective communications, inside and outside of an organization, to ensure key audiences are aware of the organization’s strategies and objectives.

  • Media Relations

    Working with key media members to create opportunities for awareness and visibility.

  • Investor Relations

    Creating accurate messaging and commentary related to financial performance.

  • Crisis Communications

    Helping companies effectively prepare for, and respond to potentially damaging developments related to the business.

  • Thought Leadership

    Helping your company strategically drive the industry agenda.

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